E.T. came for a quick visit before his vacation on earth was over, our phone was working so he was able to call home and ask them to pick him up. 
We will see you same time next year buddy, have a great journey to where ever it is you live!
Mini train tour with my mom! We be rollinn, they be h8in!
One majestic Peafowl and my mother straight up chilling in Geneva, enjoying the weather and a lovely conversation! (at Jardins Botaniques)
Flower for my love! 😍
Mamma í góđum félagsskap, Gandhi er fínasti kall! 
Mom in good company, Gandhi is a great dude!
Frankenstein and Caroline spreading fear around Geneva!
Anticipating my mothers arrival in an hour instead of right now due to a little train mixup.
In group of good friends, getting tipsy in a lovely atmosphere!

Deep conversation on the set!

Todays photoshoot!

Artillery fire at Lake Genéve!

One of many portraits the talented @hoyamhenney managed to capture of me! ©Hoyam Henney 
#beardsunite #beard #ginger #tattoo
Last night this little brat became a teenager, it was not acceptable to sleep in our bed anymore!
Now we will have to worry about his image and expect a lot of drama!
Apéro with my lover and friend at our new favorite place, café des commercants in Acacias! A lovely old school place, every true hipster needs to visit this café!