Just bought this lovely Kienzle Cosmopolitan “Diver” from the @davidoffbrothers , feels like it was made for my wrist! Thank you guys for  providing me with such a beautiful machine. 👌

I love you mín fagra freyja @liebecaroline !

Cine Trans picnic with @hazelunicorn, going to watch Groundhog day! 😂
We miss you @liebecaroline my lovely party animal! 😘
Hubert and his best friend Bernard were exhausted after a hard day at work, they decided to soak in the sun and rest their tired little tails since the sun was still up!
What adventures will await them tomorrow, a villain with a broom?

©Hoyam Henney
Todays meeting with the Dons of Geneva is ready to take place at an undisclosed location, lets now hope the Joker does not show up with one of his brilliant plan to kill the Batman!
Just picked up this gem at the train station yesterday, she is looking majestic as fuck in Geneva!
Double trouble!

My design for collection V. See previous photo for order details ❤️ they are very limited


European Sword

  • Maker/Artist: unknown
  • Dated: circa 1650-1700
  • Geography: made in Germany, Europe
  • Medium: etched steel [blade]; gilded silver, carved bone [hilt]
  • Measurements: 35 1/2 x 3 inches, 1.7 lb. (90.2 x 7.6 cm, 0.76 kg). Length (blade): 29 1/4 inches (74.3 cm)

Source: Copyright © 2014 Philadelphia Museum of Art

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GPE 18 | Firn & Fire
My cuddling budys and I this morning, I really dont like waking up but maybe it is because I never relly want to go to sleep either! Taken by my lover 🚺🐘

Fei Fei Sun by Hugh Lippe