What caroline discovered as she looked under the covers this morning!
Healthy juice between shifts, one glass a day keeps cancer away and a lot of other gnarly stuff!
Modeling early this summer for a friend studying fashion design in HEAD Genéve.

Copyright: Mar Nin Chedel
Beer taisting with my friend @juancarloswendt, this beer has been collecting dust at work just waiting for us to pop it open. Life is good!
Staff dinner tonight, its not dissapointing at all!
My hippster kit is growing, just missing some beard shampoo, a typewriter, vinyl player, thick frame glasses without sight adjustments and an axe… ohh and a bonfire with some hot chocolat and marshmallows !
Cozy kitchen time between brother Loki and Lapin!
The two most important ladys in my life, my mother and my lover and lets not forget Frankenstein’s monster!
We had such a grand time while my mother was here, I wish Iceland was just next door to Helvetica!
Relaxing family time in bed with the future wife and the two youngest children rewatching Scrubs!
To the airport with my mother, the good times are about to end!
E.T. came for a quick visit before his vacation on earth was over, our phone was working so he was able to call home and ask them to pick him up. 
We will see you same time next year buddy, have a great journey to where ever it is you live!
Mini train tour with my mom! We be rollinn, they be h8in!
One majestic Peafowl and my mother straight up chilling in Geneva, enjoying the weather and a lovely conversation! (at Jardins Botaniques)
Flower for my love! 😍
Mamma í góđum félagsskap, Gandhi er fínasti kall! 
Mom in good company, Gandhi is a great dude!